When you work with Carrie you get her full attention and effort. She is able to focus on you and your goals and help you achieve them. We recommend Carrie to our tenants who want to be future homeowners. We know that she will give them the information and guidance they need to help them achieve homeownership.
– Lisa A.

In addition to doing all my personal mortgages, I have been referring all my clients, even the toughest, for over 25 years; and I know Jim will handle them with courtesy and professionalism.
– Michael K.

Carrie and her team of professionals have helped me with several transactions over the years. Her level of expertise, integrity and ability to get things done, is second to none in the industry. I would feel confident putting any of my family, friends and/or clients in front of Carrie, knowing they will be well taken care of.
– Tanya L.

[Jim] Ryder has been my first choice for loan officers over 25 years. In addition to financing my clients, he has done mortgages for my four children numerous times, and now is doing loans for my grandchildren! He is number 1!
– Jake E.

When it comes to recommending a mortgage professional to my real estate clients, I take pride in recommending Carrie Guarrero. First, Carrie’s industry knowledge and experience far surpass that of any other mortgage professional I have worked with. Second, I can rest assured knowing that the best interest of my client is truly at the core of each transaction. Integrity isn’t simply a word or marketing ploy, it is the backbone and foundation of Carrie’s success. Third, I know the job will get done . . . and get done with outstanding results. I do not recommend anyone outside of Carrie Guarrero and Carrie’s Team to my clients. In today’s day and age, who you recommend is a reflection of yourself and your business. My expectations of Carrie and her team are incredibly high, and she has always exceeded those expectations.
– Nichole F.

Thank you, Jim! You are the best!
– Sally K.

Carrie is a loan officer and company manager extraordinaire! I was always 100% confident that my new home clients’ mortgages would be handled with complete care and competency. In addition to her vast knowledge of all the intricacies of mortgages, her personalized service and remarkably friendly personality had made her the only choice for me and my clients!
– Julie B.

I have known Carrie both professionally and personally since 1995. When it comes to recommending a lender to my real estate clients, only one name comes to mind, Carrie Guarrero is my first choice. I know Carrie will always have my clients’ best interest protected. She brings kindness and trust to the buying process. I know and trust she will take care of them as I would. She will find the best program for their situation. She cares about the client, not what she has to gain. I am also always assured that Carrie knows what is changing in the mortgage industry, and that she will follow through with what needs to happen so that my client is pleased with the final result. When you’re looking for an honest, hard-working, professional, knowledgeable mortgage consultant, call on Carrie Guarrero – you will be pleased you did.
– Sue J.